1. let me get that for you….

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  2. wildfirelust:

    Just… like… this…

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  3. they work hard for me…

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  4. gatsbyswhore:

    In flight entertainment


    the business trip couldn’t have started any better…

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  5. the boss has great music in his office…

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  6. captain-headfullofsmut:


    I just can’t stop

    Please dont

    she’s into her job…

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  7. hurry up…

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  8. thanks for inviting me over this afternoon boss…what do you want to do?

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  9. mommyafterdark:


    Good morning…


    the boss takes his time…

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  10. are you sure we should end our meeting now?

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  11. amoureuxxxlove:

    Come in John, I’m just finishing up on a conference call

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  12. your-favorite-slut:

    The best feeling.


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  13. your-favorite-slut:

    I’m so close…please don’t stop. Please, may I cum for you?

    yes when I say so…

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  14. hurts-like-mad:


    Shouldn’t have worn this dress to work. Every time I bend over to clean a bed the top falls down and my ass shows! I hope no one saw that…well, secretly I really hope someone did ;)

    You have a truly beautiful body.

    I need to change my tanning salon!

  15. hurts-like-mad:


    All work and no play makes me a very dull girl…soooo I just fixed that problem and mixed in a little fun while bored at work to make my day better 😏 And right up at the front desk too😳😉

    Lovely!!! xxxxxx

    I’m not bored at work anymore lol„,