1. I am a Executive Administrative Assistant…and Yes… I Fuck at Work!

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  2. she knows what turns the boss on…

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    A good host always ensures their guests receive the very best service.

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    ♥ ♥ ♥

    she promised the boss they wouldn’t have sex…

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    All that was visible through the back window were her shoulders, ass, and his hands on her shoulders and neck. Her head was bent, and from the angle of it, I could tell that she had his cock down her throat. I couldn’t hear  anything except the sound of the wind through the trees.

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  6. they really work well together outside of work…

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    costumes turn on the boss…

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  8. Oh boss that feels awesome…

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    when he has a firm grip and a deep thrust

    Yes yes and yes please, more

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    Talking on the phone with daddy while he’s at work

    Daddy is having a very hard time sitting at his desk with how naughty she is talking to him.

    Wait until your Daddy gets home, little girl.

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  11. thanks for picking me up for work boss…

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    Sally and her best friend gave Daddy a party on this 50th birthday. No one else bothered. He said it was the best birthday ever. Oh, and the cake was good, too.

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    Mmmm.. :]

    Feels good boss’s

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    Illustrations by Steve Lee from Ride ‘Em Cowgirl!: Sex Position Secrets for Better Bucking by Dr. Sadie Allison

    Who wants to try these?

    office manual every new employee must learn…

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  15. hold on boss, I almost done with this level…

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