1. wurzel49:


    Illustrations by Steve Lee from Ride ‘Em Cowgirl!: Sex Position Secrets for Better Bucking by Dr. Sadie Allison

    Who wants to try these?

    office manual every new employee must learn…

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  2. hold on boss, I almost done with this level…

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  3. bigsistersbest:

    Wouldn’t the world just be a better

    place if brothers and sisters could

    spend time together like THIS?

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  4. two2explore:


    Your cock would slip so nicely between my lips. ❤️

    Was there any moment today you had this same thought?

  5. right here boss…

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  6. the boss does things my boyfriend wouldn’t think of…

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  7. they always meet first thing monday morning to get the week started…

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  8. ride him reverse you naughty cowgirl!

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  9. I know I’m your boss, but if I am the one who got your cock this hard, it’s only fair that I make it cum. No one has to know……

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  10. their second date went well…

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  11. fuck-yourself-daily:

    FUCK! She can barely handle it. Bet she feels like a million bucks!


    her new job is pretty hard but she likes it…

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  12. gettingbusyintheoffice:

    From the inner office: ” Could someone get line 2?! Or is everyone just too busy at the moment?

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  13. yourblowjobprincess:

    Dani Daniels and Xander Corvus, The Whore of Wall Street

    Turning around to make sure the coast is clear — and then putting my slutty little hand to work. Because of these special, persuasive talents, my business luncheons always ended in an offer — at times it was almost too easy, like taking candy from a baby! I think a raise is in order, don’t you?

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  14. gettingbusyintheoffice:

    Collaborating with a colleague….

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    Time for your Monday fuck.

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