1. a little further boss?

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  2. she knows to keep her panties on sometimes…

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  3. lookn4funswfl:

    Your wife’s reply when you texted her to ask how her business trip was going

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  4. all day in bed…

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  5. the boss couldn’t stop by their room, they didn’t really miss him….

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  6. everybodywantstobeawhore:


    found a room not being used any of the employee’s…

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  7. ready for your workout boss?

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  8. doing all the work…

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  9. wanna snuggle?

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  10. to save the company money they all got a room together…

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  11. she loved having two boss’s…

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  12. wonder what she’s saying?

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  13. parking garage slow ride…

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  14. first day as the boss’s new secretary…

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  15. we met for drinks in my room before the conference…

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