2. sportyhotwife:


    I could take all night, but you will learn to cum when I say.

    So hot.

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  3. she’ll wait to clean up her papers…

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  4. misogynistowner:


    Show me how much you want to turn this internship into a job?

    There are plenty of young girls with the same qualifications you have. what separates you from the herd?

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  5. newyorklegal:

    Interns are helpful on Saturdays too!

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    afternoon meeting…

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  7. the boss knows how to make her relax…

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  8. gettingbusyintheoffice:

    Tristan’s reaction when he indicated that he had one more thing for her to do that day….

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  9. she’s good at following the rules of her boss…

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  10. dry me off boss?

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  11. a routine she doesn’t mind…

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  12. they couldn’t wait for the conference workshops to be over…

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  13. they don’t mind the commute…

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  14. weeshorts:

    I want to straddle you like this, my thighs open wide to your mouth. I long to suck on your thick cock, massage your balls, while you feast on my pussy and ass. 

    she never worked for a guy like this…

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  15. it happened so fast I…

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